Our Retirees Social is a great way to spend your mornings.

9am to 11am every Tuesday you will find the people that get up and just do it.

Brandon might even fill in every now and then just to make up the numbers if he is not playing tournaments and chasing his dream.

The making of a champion is a debate that rages on and on, are champions made or are they born?

To me they are born but it is the ability by others to nurture the underlying greatness that lies in us all.

Greatness to be a champion athlete or greatness to be a brilliant businessperson or just the feeling of greatness that we are all blessed with, we all have this potential.

Why are we not all great? We are as great as we want to be, some are content with what they have some want more.

“It is the ones that want more and the ones that ask and pursue for more that shows and reminds us the true gift of life, the ability to overcome adversity and seek out happiness.” Stewart Whicker

I said it was the ability by others to nurture the underlying greatness in us all, without others then greatness would never be recognised nor appreciated so other people must play a lead role in the development of observable greatness.

I am going to relate this article to the sport of tennis but it could be related to every other aspect of life.

As with all observable greatness it is the power by the individual to move our emotions that intrigues us and keeps us coming back for more.

Come on call us today and come for a social game of tennis.

P.s Brandon is the young guy in the video 🙂

Cost: $5 per person for 2 hours

Give us a call on 9822 3336 or email if you would like more info

Anyone for social tennis? #marconitennis #socialtennis #brandonsopina #tennis

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