2018 Tennis and Squash Challenge Ladder

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Challenge Ladder Update


These are the Rules! and How it works! –

Open to all Ages & Abilities

Start at your level of ability and climb up the ladder

    1. Tennis Only – Take the UTN Grading Quiz to get a bench mark of your ability – Get UTN Now! Click Here
    2. Squash Only – Indicate if you are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Player in your registration
    3. Pay the Squash & Tennis registration fee of $2 per player to the Pro-Shop before your first match
    4. Your name will go on the Ladder including your mobile number, (Based on your ability this is where you will slot in)
    5. You can challenge up to 3 places ahead of you
    6. If you challenge someone they must play you within (2) weeks of the challenge otherwise they will forfeit and you will automatically take their spot on the ladder
    7. The person challenging must pay for new can of balls or a new squash ball and court hire will be shared by both players. Court hire special rate only $10/hr for Challenge Ladder players.
    8. If you lose to the player you challenge, you must wait a minimum (2) weeks to re-challenge them
    9. Every time you play a match in the Challenge Ladder you and your opponent will go into the draw to Win a $200 Rebel Sports Voucher. Drawn August 21st 2018
    10. Tennis match will be (1) normal tie break set
    11. Squash match will be first to 15 points, win by two points
    12. Your can download and print Results Slip Here
    13. You and your opponent must sign results slip and either hand into Pro-Shop or TAKE a PHOTO and text to Stewart (Referee) 0412 571 963
    14. The Challenge Ladder Referee`s decision is final in all matters
    • Challenge Ladder will be updated every 24hrs
    • Book a court! Pro-Shop 9822 3336
    • Registrations are now open…

Got a Question? – Text Stewart on 0412 571 963



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