During every Hotshots and Junior group lesson, Our coaches hand out a Yellow certificate to the student with the best attitude.

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We use respect or lack of respect to give things, people and situations value.

How you value yourself is really important and the more value you assign yourself the more empowered you will be.

Society makes it hard to have self-respect because it wants you to respect everything else first and definitely does not want you to be truly empowered.

When you develop your own self-respect first you open your mind to travelling your own path not somebody else’s.

When you understand that the primary purpose of our brains is to keep us alive and taking risks is something that we subconsciously avoid at all costs you can understand why our immediate family and friends behave the way they do, they don`t mean it, they just cannot help it.

Once you have a very high value of yourself you will become empowered, you will start to take more risks and the more risks you take (within reason) you will start to make your own path in this world.

That was a pretty harsh statement, implying society does not want you truly empowered, but it is very much true. Special achievement award.

I will explain why –

Empowered people take risks and risks scares the crap out of people that are anywhere near that person.

This is why your parents and friends make you feel bad when you take any sort of risk and they try to lead you down their paths, for example the majority of kids follow in their parent’s footsteps when it comes to career choices. Parents steer their kids into the safest, minimal risk choices as much as possible.

This is called conditioning and we are all conditioned from babies to follow our parent’s paths, there is nothing wrong with this if that is what you truly want to do with your life but if you want more then it is up to you to do something

When a student receives 27 yellow certificates they then receive a Special Achievement Award trophy with their name on it.


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