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Saturday Masters Cup Division (2) is the Saturday afternoon comp you have been looking for.

Mark Maiuolo is your comp manager – Contact him via email 

You need to be either a UTN 3, 4 or 5 to play this comp.

What is a UTN you ask? Well it stands for Universal Tennis Number and we created it. Take our quick little quiz and it will spit out your UTN. It is just a simple grading number between 1 and 10. If you are a 1 then call Roger because we ain`t your comp. Masters Cup

Brandon is not guaranteed to show up for the ladies social every week and I really can not guarantee the weather for a beautiful morning, but I can say that you will love getting outdoors and mixing with some of your peers.

Brandon might even fill in every now and then just to make up the numbers if he is not playing tournaments and chasing his dream. Masters Cup

The making of a champion is a debate that rages on and on, are champions made or are they born?

To me they are born but it is the ability by others to nurture the underlying greatness that lies in us all.

Greatness to be a champion athlete or greatness to be a brilliant businessperson or just the feeling of greatness that we are all blessed with, we all have this potential. As with all observable greatness it is the power by the individual to move our emotions that intrigues us and keeps us coming back for more. 


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Cost: $90 per player  – Pay for this comp in our online Pro-Shop

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