Green Ball Comp at Marconi Tennis is fast.. Fast Four to be exact.

Saturday 12:00pm to 1:30pm you will find a fun, fast 2 player team competition designed to get kids loving tennis.

Kids play a singles and a doubles match using the Fast Four format. FAST FOUR – Learn more here Tennis Australia Fast Four

Chris is our competition co-ordinator he is very approachable and just a really nice guy, Chris has worked at Marconi Tennis and Squash for over ten years and loves running this comp.

The making of a champion is a debate that rages on and on, are champions made or are they born?

To me they are born but it is the ability by others to nurture the underlying greatness that lies in us all.

Greatness to be a champion athlete or greatness to be a brilliant businessperson or just the feeling of greatness that we are all blessed with, we all have this potential. As with all observable greatness it is the power by the individual to move our emotions that intrigues us and keeps us coming back for more. Monday Ladies social

In fact we should re-name it the Fast Chris Comp or the Chris Comp Fast 🙂 … nah I think we should just keep it the Green Ball Fast Four. See Chris’s profile here

To register your interest call our Pro-Shop on 9822 3336

If you have any questions please send us an email Contact Us

You can even check out our Green Ball Facebook Group – Click here

Cost is only $60 per player for the 8 week comp – You can pay here for Green Ball Comp if you like!



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