7 to 17 years Group Lessons

Junior Tennis Group 7 yrs to 17 yrs – Become a Tennis Player!

These lessons are a perfect way to start learning tennis, they are social and fun.

Through progressive drills and tennis games students will focus on fine-tuning strokes and learning all the basics of a strong tennis game. 

Brandon might even fill in every now and then just to make up the numbers if he is not playing tournaments and chasing his dream.

The making of a champion is a debate that rages on and on, are champions made or are they born?

To me they are born but it is the ability by others to nurture the underlying greatness that lies in us all.

Greatness to be a champion athlete or greatness to be a brilliant businessperson or just the feeling of greatness that we are all blessed with, we all have this potential. As with all observable greatness it is the power by the individual to move our emotions that intrigues us and keeps us coming back for more. 

This is why your parents and friends make you feel bad when you take any sort of risk and they try to lead you down their paths, for example the majority of kids follow in their parent’s footsteps when it comes to career choices. Parents steer their kids into the safest, minimal risk choices as much as possible.

This is called conditioning and we are all conditioned from babies to follow our parent’s paths, there is nothing wrong with this if that is what you truly want to do with your life but if you want more then it is up to you to do something

Class size: Up to (6)
Sessions: (10)
Duration: (60 minutes x 10 weeks)
Cost: $200.00
Program Package Includes –

10 x 60 minute lessons

1 x Fun competition games at week 10 (separate to lessons – Usually held on a Sunday)

10 x free practice sessions every Sunday 9am to 8pm during your lesson term

1 x Free Hotshots shirt

Free Hot Shots shirt for new players

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